Reactions to a section of Escobar’s Designs for the Pluriverse

What does Escobar mean by describing design as a situated and interactive practice? Do you agree with this approach to design?

Escobar argues that interaction design adds a sense of place or situated-ness to technology. I took situated to mean…

Communication Studio Project 3

November 4

After looking over the data, I’m seeing an opportunities to ask questions about food access as compared to neighborhood characteristics, such as percentage of renters, age distribution, income level, and health indicators. …

September 30

What have you identified as important pieces of information relative to your topic? Include sketches where warranted.

I’ve been assigned the federal budget for my project two topic and there are several interesting subtopics I’d like to explore.

One subtopic is the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending. Few Americans…

September 2

What did you learn from today’s class activities and how do they impact your thinking of communication design?

Our first Communication Design studio class began on the floor. Grouped in a circle on the carpet, we inspected a dozen or so plastic and metal objects. The objects varied in size…


Masters candidate in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University

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